Tis the Season

 It is that season when we move our minds to just what kind of present we can get for that car nut that we know.

Here are a few suggestions that you can wrap your budget around.


One suggestion is McQueens Machines by Matt Stone.  This is a great coffee tablebook that goes through just about everything Steve McQueen ever drove or owned.  His son Chad wrote the foreword.  A fascinating book especially for Steve’s fans.


Another good pick is Concept Cars from the 1930s to the Present by Larry Edsall.  This provides a fascinating look at some of the great concept cars, some of which lead to production cars.  As you look through the pages of high quality photographs and illustrations you might often wonder why some of these never reached production.



A great gift to a race fan would be either of Chris Szwedo’s documentaries.  A Gullwing at Twilight is the amazing film on John Fitch’s Bonneville ride.  Chris does everything to make this film a classic including the music. 


Lime Rock Park – the Secret Valley of Racing has captured the spirit and mystery of this classic road racing track.  Chris did an amazing amount of research and produced this excellent film.


Ken Burns produced this gem called Horatio’s Drive which chronicles the first trans-continental drive across the United States.  This was no journey across interstates.  There were few roads, no gasoline stations, and fewer meaningful maps.  Yet Horatio Nelson Jackson made a $50 bet that he would be able to make it from San Francisco to New York City in 90 days.  Tom Hanks read the letters that Horatio wrote home to his wife.


Metal Cars:

Nothing is quite as fascinating as a well detailed metal scale model of a race car or classic car.


Amazon.com and Evers Toy Store are two good sources. 

Magazine Subscriptions:

You had better be tuned in to your friend’s likes and dislikes, but nothing is quite as nice as having a gift that arrives monthly.   A couple of my favorites are Autoweek and Grassroots Motorsports. 

Driving School:

If you have too much money lying around and want to really thrill a car nut or motorsports enthusiast then invest in a driving school for them. 

These come in several sizes and flavors, too.  There is Bondurant, Skip Barber, Andretti, and many others.  Check out your local track for schedules or get a copy of Autoweek. 


Some of the courses available are designed to teach new drivers vehicle dynamics and safety, something that your teenage driver might benefit from.

If you can’t afford to send them to driving school there are some fantastic books on road racing and race car driving.  If you can’t afford to buy them a Ferrari 360, then maybe you can find a great die-cast model. 

I hope these ideas have helped you to see that there are lots of things to choose from.  Remember, it’s the thought that really counts. 

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