Are Cars Art?

BMW designer Chris Bangle believes so.  BMW has been taking a lot of negative hits on the visual design of it cars lately.

Check out Chris’s perspective on car design at:

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4 Responses to Are Cars Art?

  1. Noel says:

    I haven’t watched the whole video yet. Will when I have a few mins this weekend.

    But BMW deserves to take some hits for their recent styling. The Bangle-butt rear ends were bad enough. Now the front ends look bulbous and heavy handed. While one will not mistake a BMW for something else, Mr. Bangle is confusing a distinctive look with being attractive, IMHO.

    I like Bimmers, and would actually consider one, but have trouble getting past the overdone styling on most models.

    But then he doesn’t know how to pronounce “automobile,” either.

    Like many designers these days (including architects), he has a poor sense of scale and proportion.

  2. 碧空 says:

    Nice to know your blog

  3. marketinghelper says:

    Yes, cars are a form of art. Not to say they are not machines, and made to help us. But they are designed by artists in their own respect. Some art is more popular and loved (favorite body styles) and some are more geared toward certain crowds. I love my cars because of their performance and how they look.

  4. Noel says:

    How do you define “art?” Cars are all designed, but that does not make them art.
    The box your breakfast cereal comes in is designed, too. So is your cell phone, your TV, your computer, the faucets in your kitchen. But the act of design does not make an object “art.”

    Certainly some cars look much nicer than others, and their appearance can be critiqued both subjectively and objectively. But for the most part I don’t think of cars as art. There are exceptions, though.

    IMHO, so of the best automotive design –in terms of pure aesthetics and proportions– was many years ago. Now, there is too much focus on carrying stylistic cues across every model line from a given automaker –all in the name of brand marketing– and I think that has stolen some of the soul of great design. Are they all art, like cereal boxes or wine labels?

    But that is not to say good design is not important in numerous ways. And I’d rather drive an attractive car than a bland or ugly one. But what makes up good automotive design? And what makes up good art?

    Or are some cars art and not others?

    Is a 1962 Ferrari GTO art? A Porsche 917 race car? A Lamborghini Muira? A Ford GT-40? How about a 1936 Bugatti 57SC Atlantic? A Veyron? An Enzo?

    But how about a Fiat Punto? A VW Jetta? A 1966 Oldsmobile VistaCruiser station wagon?
    A 1965 Ford Country Squire? A Pontiac Aztek? A Toyota Previa van? An MG TC?

    Where does design leave off and art begin?

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