Aircraft vs. Car

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2 Responses to Aircraft vs. Car

  1. Noel says:

    VERY cool. And the plane probably covered more distance, too.

    Reminds me a little of a story a Navy fighter pilot friend once told me about his days in basic flight training. He was sitting on the taxiway in Pensacola, Florida waiting for clearance to turn right onto the active runway for takeoff. He was feeling pretty cocky, going up for his second solo. Listening to the ground traffic he hears,

    “Blue Angel Team, Blue Angel Lead. Afterburners, now.”

    He looks to his left left and all six Blue Angels –in formation and in F4 Phantoms–come by him about 6 feet off the ground, their landing gear up. They all hit ‘burners and go ballistic (straight up) and disappear in about 3 seconds, the Phantom being the fastest climbing plane in the world at the time.

    Gave him a little perspective.

  2. 碧空 says:

    The viedo is interesting,yeah

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