Seeing Red – Bill Putman’s Collection of Cars


 As part of my yearly trek back to Cape Cod I make it a point to stop off and visit one of the more interesting private collections of cars in the area.  This is known as Toad Hall and belongs to Bill Putman who not only collects cars, but single malt scotch and cats.


Bill runs an excellent bed and breakfast on the edge of Hyannis Port called the Simmons Homestead Inn.  Those lucky enough to stay there can not only enjoy the beauty of the Cape, but experience a remarkable inn with a fascinating car collection.


Bill spent the early 1970’s racing a Datsun (now known as Nissan) 240Z car around some New England race tracks and did very well.  Since his retirement from the corporate world Bill has been collecting cars that represent some of the best that England had to offer as well as makes from other countries. 


As far as Bill is concerned the only proper color for a car under his roof is red so they all wear that color as well as the words “Minuteman Racing”.

It is a lot of fun to browse Bill’s collection and see all these fantastic cars.  Many of which I drove in my youth as well as yearned for. 


You can check out Bill’s web site or, better yet, go visit his inn on the Cape.  If you are nice he might let you sample one of the hundreds of single malt whiskeys he collects.


I’m not sure these cats fully appreciate all the aspects of a Lotus.

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4 Responses to Seeing Red – Bill Putman’s Collection of Cars

  1. markitude says:

    Good to see someone else’s cars serving as perches for those of the feline persuation. What a barn / garage. Oriental rugs over gravel. Could you imagine the write up in some snooty decorating magazine… “the application of shabby-chic styling influences are noted especially in the garage area….”

    The cars, the scotch, the cats… so many great things. I can see why you stop in, year after year. Ah, to be wealthy and visionary enough to do “eccentric” with style. Alas, I’m still mired in “odd” myself , but I have great aspirations….

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  3. Pal Negyesi says:

    I enjoyed reading about your experiences in South Dakote and elsewhere.
    I am trying to put together a worldwide guide to motoring museums and your blog is really helpful

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