A Collection of Enthusiasts


While I was on Cape Cod I went to a car show that is held every Tuesday afternoon in the summer in the town of Bourne.  It is held in the parking lot of a technical school located on a hill overlooking the canal.



When I have attended in the past there would be perhaps 200-300 cars that would show up.  These are cars that are owned by people in the area and not a bunch of trailer queens that you typically would see at indoor car shows.  The types of cars run the gamut from classic muscle cars, to antiques, to foreign specialty cars, to rat rods, to race cars and drag cars.




The fact that the owners drive them to the parking lot means that you have the opportunity to ask many questions as you admire the workmanship and the lineage of the many versions of people’s automotive passion.


I arrived early in the afternoon, about 3:00 and just a handful of cars had found their parking spots and were lining up.  More trickled in and I had the opportunity to take photos as they pulled in and backed into their spots.


The oldest car was a 1911 White that was driven in under its own power. 


There were many kinds of muscle cars from the sixties and seventies. 


There were rare Volkswagens.


There were many examples of Cobra roadsters.  A couple of them were original Shelby models and a few that were kit cars.


An original Ford GT40 pulled up.  It was imported from England with right hand drive and Holman Moody engine.



The crowds grew and more cars arrived.  This was turning into a very special event with far more than a couple of hundred cars.  It approached 1000.


People were really enjoying being able to wander about and see so many fascinating examples of automobiles.


Still more cars arrived and searched for parking on the lawn and at the perimeter of the parking lot.  I had never seen such a turn out.

Then the daylight started to turn to sunset and a handful at a time the cars would start up and make their way back to their owner’s home.

It was a wonderful event to be able to see so many different examples of people’s take on the automobile.  It was amazing to see that there exist so many of these great cars and to have owners that are willing to bring them out for everyone to see.

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4 Responses to A Collection of Enthusiasts

  1. Noel says:

    WOW! Worth a ride to the Cape to see all that.

    I’d love to see original Cobras next to a Factory Five.

    And the REAL GT40 must have been cool. Years ago there was a guy from Providence with one who used to go to the Cape Cod Sports Car Club spring autocross up in Provincetown. His vanity plate was ‘ Only 1.”

    Don’t remember who he was.

  2. markitude says:


    Very interesting – the diversity of the kinds of cars and their condition really got my attention. Nice coverage of the event. I really like the T bucket in the 3rd pic from the top – the fact that they used a straight six just to be different. True hot rod spirit. Same being true in the sixth picture – running an olds v8 with oil bath air cleaner. Perhaps a very early swap. Some of the details always peak my interest two, like the aluminum heat shields under the carbs on the GT-40 with it’s 351 windsor motor.
    Neat stuff – would have loved to been there myself. I guess your pictures are the next best thing. ; )

  3. siddiquizoha says:

    niceeee carsssss and things you got there buddy

  4. Pokeman says:

    This is my first time to visit your blog and I would say you share nice information on Cars.
    I will surely bookmark your blog.

    Thank you for sharing

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