Evolution FQ400 Video

Evo MR FQ400 vs Lambo Murcielago

For those of you who have not gotten familiar with the current version of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and what it is capable of you need to check out this video. Granted, this a a special edition that was only available in the UK, but don’t think that the US versions of the Evo are pushovers. This is an astounding car and the US version can out perform cars that cost three times as much.

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5 Responses to Evolution FQ400 Video

  1. Lauri Shaw says:

    This is an astounding and delightful video. Thanks for putting it on your site. I was pleased to see it again.

  2. Tim says:

    “A fit, young racing driver in a supercar and he cannot pull away from a fat man in a four-wheel saloon!” Hahahahahaha

    However there were two surprising points in that video. First was the Lamborghini spinning out – just amazing and a true testament to the Evo’s engineering.

    But the turbo lag??? Now 30mph with the Evo’s gearing is probably at 2000rpm or below (just off idle for me 😀 ), but c’mon. As I understand it, boost is load-dependent, not RPM dependant. So within several seconds, maybe as many as 15-20 sec?, boost should have built and brought the engine from producing maybe 100-150HP to whatever its peak power at that engine speed should have been. I’ve not seen a dyno chart of this Evo’s power output, but I would’ve assumed enough torque would be made to pull it along. That really must be a ginormous turbo and an ECU tune to turn it on in the high revs.
    Where does the FQ400 redline?

    Great video Jim, thanks for sharing.

  3. jimsgarage says:

    I have the Evolution MR which,like the FQ400, comes with a six speed. I tried 30 mph in top gear and the engine was barely turning 1300 rpm. Boost doesn’t come in until at least another 1000 rpm and until that point you are driving a 2 litre 4 cylinder engine with low compression. It takes a while to get there and I don’t have the bigger turbocharger that they put on the FQ.

  4. Noel says:

    Very interesting! But the top gear acceleration from 30 is a silly test. No one does that in the real world. Any turbo motor is at a disadvantage there. I have to try that in my Saab, but I know it would be terrible. At 30 mph I doubt I’m even at 1300 rpm and the torque doesn’t begin to build until 1800 and really comes in at 2500 or so. That’s on a 2.3 litre with 200 HP.

    Still, the performance of that EVO is pretty amazing. The mileage and service requirements make it a track day car more than a daily driver, IMO. But what a ride. Maybe I ought to go look at an EVO.

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