The Racing Network – its Coming!


For those of you who find NASCAR only good for tailgate parties and are looking for some kind of televised automobile racing that you can really look forward to it may be just around the corner.

A new network, The Racing Network, is in the final phases of production.  The plan is for HD quality coverage of automobile racing of all sorts including HPDE events such as those sponsored by NASA (no, not the space one).

People familiar with what makes television networks successful will likely roll their eyes and feel like patting the Racing Network on the head saying that the Speed Channel is the business model that should be used if you really want to make it as a network.

Maybe we should think about that again.  Here is an opportunity to provide coverage of motor sports on a level that could open more than a few eyes.  How would you like to have your friends over so they can watch you circle Virginia International Raceway on a NASA HPDE weekend? 

Alternatives are a good thing.  Once CNN was an alternative.  Once even the Speed Channel was an alternative.

I envy the spirit of these people who dare to provide something that will be the best alternative yet.

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3 Responses to The Racing Network – its Coming!

  1. Lauri Shaw says:

    So? Do they need a terrific computer guy with a lot of car knowledge under his belt?

  2. Noel says:

    Anything racing that is NOT NASCAR, drag racing or monster trucks has to be better. I had a chance to go to a Nextel Cup event at Watkins Glen VIP passes and all free, two weeks from now, and I turned it down. Ugly, boring cars, and even if stock car drivers drivers can actually turn right, is still not what I want to spend time watching.

    Jim, I remember you saying to me many years ago after we went to a Showroom Stock event at Lime Rock, “You can see what’s happening, but not feel what’s happening.” To a large extent that still holds true. Like watching pretty much all sports, seeing cars go ’round in circles, even if it’s a road race, is still not all that exciting.

    As usual, just my $0.02.

  3. markitude says:


    It seems that timing is always very important. If you serve up an idea to early, people aren’t ready to adopt it, and someone comes along later and does it as millions get in line to then follow, oblivious to your prior brilliance.

    Not knowing the details here, I hope this won’t be the case. People tend to understand a model like speedvision because it already exists. It’s sometimes a stretch to see the possibilities that untapped markets like HPDE would open up. I’m speaking purely from business oportunities, mostly focused on 1) selling advertisements to aftermarket parts and driver services businesses, and 2) the opportunities for those businesses to get access to perspective buyers in new ways.

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