On the Road – loving LA

Well I don’t know if I love the place, but I’m here.  I found a hotel in Pasadena that will be my base of operations for the next couple of days.  I need to get to the nearest Mitsubishi dealership and have a 30K service performed.  Then I want to drop by Road Race Engineering and see the place.  I’ll also ask them where my stuff is 🙂


It was an early drive out of Phoenix and my head was killing me.  I went to a friend’s party the night before.  I didn’t think I had much at all to drink but heck – who knows.  I just know my head was banging for a good three hours.  I gritted my teeth and kept the pedal down as I took I-10 west.  Sorry folks, I know that I’ve said that I will do my best to avoid the interstates but in this situation “no can do”.


Frankly, I was happy to leave the hundred plus degree weather of the Phoenix area far behind.  Its a great place with terrific people, but man this time of year the heat is tough.   When I finally stopped for some breakfast there was this SOR racer on a trailer.


In the Moronos valley there were, not hundreds, but thousands of wind mills generating electricity.  As you can guess, there was plenty of wind in this valley.  Here are just a few photos:




Four hundred miles and six hours  (well maybe closer to five) I was checking into my hotel and figuring out where all the locations were of the places I wanted to visit while I am here.

The fun stuff will happen tomorrow.  I’ll keep everyone posted.

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2 Responses to On the Road – loving LA

  1. Noel says:

    But it’s “dry heat,” or so they say. A friend in Tuscon has been complaining about the heat, so I guess it’s hot this year (or this early in summer) even for people who live there.

    And yes, there are certain routes out west where you only have the interstate. The big road literally replaced the old road and with 100 miles between towns in some places there was no need for the old two-lane. I remember driving across Nevada once on I-80 and seeing a sign at an exit, “Next gas 147 miles.” I-80 was the only way between the towns.

    But you can drive so much faster out there than in the east. Makes for a nice ride, since there is often not much to see along the way.

    You should have gone up to the Grand Canyon. The road in from (I think) the end toward Flagstaff is absolutely great. Nice curves, hills, and room to move fast. The Grand ain’t so bad either. And you can hit a lot of two-lane, or at least non-interstate, when you head west from there.

  2. Donny says:

    Good seeing you again Jim. Be sure to take some Tylenol for that headache. 🙂 Enjoy the road and have a safe trip.

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