On the Road – its OK


Leaving Arkansas was accomplished this morning.  It was not too far to get to Tulsa.  It took about four hours.  I checked in to my hotel and headed to downtown Tulsa to see what the situation was.


I found my way to the Tulsa County Court House.


Then I went around to where the action was taking place.  Well, sort of taking place.  For the moment the crane that was to lift everything out of the hole it was buried in was just sitting there.  Tomorrow at noon the VIP’s get to view the actual event while others get to see it live on a video screen in the Maxwell Convention Center just a couple of blocks away.

There are news reports that water was found in the concrete coffin that the car is burried in.  No details on the amount of water have been released, nor have any reports on the car’s condition.


 Later, at 6:30 in the evening, the public unveiling of the Belvedere and the time capsule.  I’ll be there in the balcony.


Saturday and Sunday there will be a free car show featuring the unearthed Belvedere.  By that time I will be on my way to Texas and my next stop, the Petroleum Museum of Midland, TX.  That will likely take me a couple of days of travel to get there.

Today people are hanging about the site and displaying their own Belvederes and Dodges of that era.





There was even a classic Chevy flat bed truck.


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2 Responses to On the Road – its OK

  1. Ted III says:

    Hey Jim! I am so jealous – I want to see them pull that car out! Reports of water huh? Those old Plymouths never rusted above ground (yeah right)!!!! HA! Should be quite a show!!!! Have fun!


  2. rich says:

    I don’t think Tulsa’s had this much excitement since Old Man Carver threw out his back chasing those damn kids out of his bean patch.

    Those are some cool cars, though. And I want that flat-bed truck.

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