On the Road – I are in AR


By ten this morning I had crossed over from Mississippi to Arkansas.  There is a difference in the scenery I believe.  While there were farms in Mississippi, there seemed to be a lot more in Arkansas.  I took a few photos of the view from the road.


I did have to get back on the Interstate for a section of this trip.  I-40 to get to and around Little Rock.  Once again it was clear that the predominant vehicle on the major interstates is the semi.  It says a whole lot about how finished goods must travel.  Trains haul the bulk of raw material, but everything else must move by these large trucks.  The “Big Box Stores” have changed peoples buying experience and no longer do people have to travel to the “big city” to find the latest goods.  But that means that only these trucks provide the flexibility to get the goods to all those retail outlets.


It was interesting to find the Museum of Automobiles.  I could find Morrilton, AR, but had to go a long ways out from the center of that town to find the museum.  It is tucked in the Petit Jean State Park and the road to the museum is a twisty mountain road.  It is not another Tail of the Dragon, but it is a lot of fun for a car like the Evolution.

Petite is a good description of the museum as well.  Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by the previous museums where there were hundreds of cars on display. 


There were plenty of great cars in this museum though as well as many antique arcade machines and a modest antique firearm collection.  The founder, Governor Winthrop Rockefeller, was the grandson of John D. Rockefeller and two of his personal cars were on display painted in the family’s color maroon. 


There was also a Lincoln owned by President J. F. Kennedy and driven around the Cape. 


I was fortunate to be there for the June Car Show and Swap Meet.  Fortunate because that meant that there were all kinds of cars to gawk at and wander around outside the museum.  If you were looking for a classic car, or parts you were missing, or maybe something to start a project car with, it was there.


While there were several nicely finished hot rods, antiques, and customs, my favorites to browse were the trailer queens and some of the truly creative examples.  I just loved this one:



The owner told me that it started out as an old school bus with only the cowl forward.  He and a friend scrounged for parts and pieces that were going to scrap yards and put this together.  I found it a real beauty.  The roof is from a Dodge van and fits perfectly.  I’m not sure where the truck bed came from, but I love how it had working doors cut out and hinged.

Here are a few of the many project cars waiting for a creative owner:



This is a rod that was parked on the street that shows real spirit:


After enjoying both the inside and the outside of the museum I went to find lodgings for the night.  While there was a hotel right down the street – because of the event it had no vacancies.  So I proceeded down the hill being guided by MS Street and Trips GPS until I was about twelve miles away and the battery on my laptop went dead.  For some reason the laptop had lost track of what mode it was in and had not suspended itself when I closed the cover before going into the museum.  Then, when I opened it up and took off it failed to charge off the adapter in the car.  Ugh!

So I drove on from memory while I hoped that the machine would recharge the battery if I left it off.  After a while I pulled over when I saw a police cruiser parked off the side of the road.  The officer, initially suspicious, turned out to be very helpful and assured me that I was, indeed, going in the right direction.  So with his help, off I went to the Interstate where I knew I could find lodgings for tonight.

On the way to the Interstate I almost passed this hardware store, and stopped to snap a photo.


Tomorrow morning I am off to Tulsa, OK, and the soon-to-be-famous 1957 Plymouth Belvedre.  I will stay there for two day to be certain that give this important event the coverage it deserves!

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3 Responses to On the Road – I are in AR

  1. Lauri Shaw says:

    This was the most fascinating posting yet, and thank you for the shot of the hardware store!

  2. Tim says:

    If I saw some ricer with a big wing sitting on the side of the road, I’d be suspicious too! 😛

    Keep the updates coming Jim!

  3. Mike says:

    Jim…I’m not in China at the moment, so I can actually leave comments on blogs!

    Anyway, glad to see your road trip is going well. Looking forward to reading more. Take care.


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