Canadian Formula 1 Results


The AT&T Williams team scored a podium finish for the first time this season.  Alex Wurz really needs to be congratulated for his achievement.  He had not done well in practice and qualifying but went on with determination and maturity to pull off a third place.

Initially Nico Rosberg looked like he was going to be the team’s star of this race.  He started out in seventh place on the grid and moved up two positions from there.  It was looking very promising until he ran out of fuel and had to pit – unfortunately just as the safety car came out.  It was just rotten timing, but the new rules penalized him and put him at the back of the pack.  Later he had problems with his gearbox after spinning out.

Alex had a remarkable performance.  He started in 19th position with a one stop strategy that worked well for him.  He had a minor shunt that caused some rear wing damage, but he stayed focused and won some much deserved points for the team.

For some great Canadian Gran Prix coverage check out this blog.

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