Lenovo at Indy

My soon to be former employer has sponsored an Indy car this year.  It is all black and sports the Lenovo brand on the side pods and top of the rear wing.  It was interesting to watch it at practice on Carb Day today.


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4 Responses to Lenovo at Indy

  1. Kristasphere says:

    Jim…Hi glad you are having fun being the ‘eyewitness reporter’ for us at Indy. It is serendipity we sponsored a car and you are there to check it out! Say hi to Gene Simmons of KISS if you see him for me! K

    PS Jonathan did a fine job subbing for you as my ‘shade tree’ auto problem advisor this week on the Z3. Battery problems, but it is running fine now. 🙂

  2. Esteban says:

    Jim, sorry to hear the “soon to be former employer” part…

    BTW, I saw the first 60+ laps of Indy 500 and never saw a glimpse of this car! On the other hand Williams did perform quite well on Montecarlo.

  3. jimsgarage says:


    I watched the entire rain-delayed race on TV at home and only saw the Lenovo car once toward the end. The driver (Alex Barron) actually did rather well starting in 26 spot and finishing in 15.

    Unfortunately the ESPN/ABC coverage is focused on the front runners and the “star” teams.

    Mark Hopkins had a great idea of putting together a team of web reporters that could dig up the stories on drivers and cars that the “BIG” television production crews overlook. I found that for a $100 bronze medalion I could have been at the motorspeedway every day for two weeks (except race day) and that includes garage access. With a digital video and still camera and access to the web from a cheap hotel (Red Roof Inn is only $50 a night until race weekend) a lot of interesting stories could be uncovered and produced for the Internet.

    Such an approach would certainly change the face of motor sports coverage.

  4. Esteban says:

    Nice idea Jim… sounds wonderful, and besides being relatively cheap I think you could make a profit out of it…

    I have a “Formula 1 vs. Indy” post on the forge… Although I guess you already know what side I will take!

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