AT&T Williams at the Spanish Grand Prix

As many of us celebrate Mothers Day here in the US, the AT&T Williams F1 team is celebrating the results of the Spanish Grand Prix of Saturday. 

Nico Rosberg has again shown that he is a driver to be watched carefully.  While his teammate Alex Wurz gave excuses about the demands of driving in tight traffic, Nico performed.  He went from 11th on the grid to a sixth place finish.  While this is not the podium finish that race teams crave, given the struggles they have had trying to keep their cars competitive I would say that Nico is one impressive F1 driver.


We saw a similar performance in the Malaysian Grand Prix where Nico was 19th on the grid and managed to move up ten positions.  This guy is impressive.  I like a driver that doesn’t make excuses and goes out there and does the best he can with the equipment he has. 

The AT&T Williams team has worked hard to provide their drivers with the best chassis and engines they can, but Formula One is not a cake walk for any of the teams, unless you are Ferrari.

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One Response to AT&T Williams at the Spanish Grand Prix

  1. Esteban says:

    It was a nice race. And Nico is one piece of a pilot. Him and Heidfield have big boots to fill in: Schummi’s. (BTW, I yelled at the screen for 5 minutes after Heidfield’s tire incident at the pits). Yet, and I’m going to state the obvious. I’m most impressed by Hamilton. He was given a spot in a top team, and he has delivered even better than Alonso. He has shown a maturity only seen on only some very veteran pilots; in a sense he reminds me of Loeb. Take a look at on-board cameras in Hamiltonś car, he almost gives the impression he is driving slow (the same happens with Loeb; he drives so precisely it’s almost boring -if it weren’t so exiting).

    AT&T Williams has done an amazing job in their chassis and Aerodynamics, I honestly expected the team to struggle more. If they can get more HP out of their engine (tough call) they’ll close the gap with BMW; Ferrari and McLaren are at a different league currently. Yet, the european part of the season always carries some big progress for some teams, we’ll have to watch what happens.

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