The One That Started It All

Porsche911 Getaway In Stockholm

This is the original. In case you have never heard or seen it.  A Porsche 911 baits some Swedish Police to chase it (in a Volvo?) as it films itself driving the streets around Stockholm.

In later years the stunt has been repeated with faster cars and multiple cars and multiple cameras (even shots from a helicopter) always totally unsanctioned and quite illegal.

WARNING!  Mute this if you are at work because of the lyrics of the opening music! 

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2 Responses to The One That Started It All

  1. Krista says:

    Hey Jim! First of all impressed with the hip hop soundtrack and I love Porsches….may want to put a ‘not suitable for work’ disclaimer or ‘mute the sound at work’….there are some choice adjectives in the hook.

  2. Tim Supples says:

    That is great stuff.

    Had I never ridden in the Evo, I would not have known what that whoosing noise is in the video 😀

    Turbo lag!

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