2007 Indy 500 – the bronze badge


It looks like this will be my practice run before my real road trip.  I will take some time off the week of May 21 and drive up to Indianapolis and the famous speedway.

Friday, May 25 is “Carb Day” as well as the pit stop competitions.  That will be two days prior to the actual race.  It should be fun to wander around the race track and the garages (Gasoline Alley, even though these cars haven’t run on the stuff in years).  I’ll take some photos and make some blog entries so you can share in the experiences.

If I get lucky I might get some time with the people that make all the excitement possible – some race team members.

Road Trip

I’ve been leveraging the Internet for car museums and car shows to put on my list.  There are thousands out there so I know I won’t get to see them all, but I’ll make some choices and put some pins in the map.

Thanks for the advice on roads to include in the big road trip.  Like I said before, I would like to spend as little time as practical on the interstates.

I am contacting some race car personalities and checking out some of the TV shows that deal with cars, too.  There are at least a couple of race car shops I plan to put on my list.  Please feel free to give me some of your own ideas!

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