What to do with that old Chevy

OK, you’ve got this 1965 Chevy Impala that is sitting there with a 350 HP V8 but it is just not tripping your trigger.  What do you do?

How about handing it over to the folks at Galpin Auto Sports in Van Nuys, CA and seeing what they can do?

How about 800 horse power?  How about 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds?  How about that and 24 miles per gallon?  Impossible you say?

Unveiled by none other than Arnold the Governor of California himself on Earth Day is an amazing example of what can be done to have a lot of fun and still stay green.

The folks at Galpin stuffed a GM Duramax diesel engine that runs on B-100 biodiesel fuel into the Impala’s engine compartment.  This is the stuff that reduces CO emissions by 78 percent over the V8 gasoline engine that it replaced.  Yes, it has 800 horsepower, but in typical diesel fashion it couples that with 1400 lb-ft of torque!

This car was featured on the TV show Pimp My Ride on April 22.  Along with the “green” engine work the Impala had seats created from material made from 100 percent recycled fibers, the trunk was lined with biodegradable, all-natural hemp and reclaimed wood from salvaged buildings.


How much?  About $25,000 to cover the diesel upgrade.

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5 Responses to What to do with that old Chevy

  1. Sandman says:

    This is a great move. Mark my words — there will soon be a day that MOST light trucks will have diesel power plants. The only question in my mind is WHY did it take so long to decide to build light duty diesels? These have been popular engines in trucks for years — they would likely be popular even if gas were cheaper and GMC bumper bracket lighter…

  2. tyler says:

    i love that impala im glad that it will beat a lambo because i hate new cars especially LAMBOS

  3. Justin says:

    hey i was wondering what type of red that is,so if you would tell me it would be really nice.

  4. jimsgarage says:

    Check with the folks at Galpin autosports – http://www.galpinautosports.com/ – they can tell you what the color is.

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