Project Miata – part 2

This 1996 Miata is a really great car.  After doing the brakes and cleaning up the combustion chambers and intake of carbon it was time to really go over all the maintenance items.

We flushed the anti-freeze, changed all the coolant and heater hoses, re-filled the antifreeze, changed the rear axle and transmission fluids, then replaced the old drive belts, and changed the oil and filter.  The fuel filter was replaced and some fuel injection cleaner was added to the gas tank.  All the turn signals and lights were checked and several test drives confirmed that all the work was making a positive difference.

One special service was added to all this.  The original valve cover had reacted to the ravages of having spent time in the north and was heavily oxidized.  It was a shame to leave it that way so we removed the valve cover and cleaned it up.  This meant removing any grease and oxidation that would interfere with it being painted.  Then it was sprayed with an etching solution and rinsed carefully with water.  After it was dried three coats of black wrinkle finish paint was applied and then cured under halogen lamps.  The factory lettering was cleared of black paint and given a silver coat of high temperature paint.



The difference is amazing and it is not a difficult project to do.

This is has been a fun project and we are looking forward to seeing the owners reaction.  He should be back from his travels in another week.

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One Response to Project Miata – part 2

  1. markitude says:


    Great project – I’m sure the owner will appreciate the attention to detail that Jim’s Garage provides. It’s not found in many other places.

    That valve covered turned out well indeed, and in addition to the asthetic improvement, you actually added a slight performance benefit. Black surfaces absorb and radiat heat rather than reflect it. As a result, this will help to cool the oil that is sprayed on the bottom of the cover. Most race teams paint their engines black in order to keep oil temp lower – it actually makes a difference.

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