A Sincere Complement

I was heading home from work today fighting the traffic on I-40.  I have a lot on my mind as I need to fly back to Cape Cod this week for some personal business.

I took it easy and made my way to my exit.  It is a long off ramp that curves to the right and then left before it drops you off at a stop sign.  I had to cross three lanes of traffic to make my left so I sat there waiting for a clear spot to occur in the cross traffic.  Then a motorcycle pulled up to my right.  It was a crotch rocket.  If I did motorcycles that would be what I would get.

The rider looked at me through his full face helmet and was saying something to me.  My windows were all ready down, but the helmet just allowed a “MMMFFF  mmmmfff mmffff” to get through.  He reached for his visor and lifted it up and said “That’s a very beautiful car you have there.  You enjoy it”!  My face beamed and I thanked him.  Then a gap opened up and I shot across and to my left heading the rest of my way home.

It is a beautiful car and I do enjoy it.  I try not to forget how lucky I am.


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6 Responses to A Sincere Complement

  1. Stephen says:

    I agree, Jim’s Evo is a very sweet car. I especially enjoy the view of it in the rear view mirror of my 2005 Corvette. 🙂

    Just kidding… It is an amazing car, one that doesn’t need to make excuses about only having a 2 litre engine. It can hold its own with supercars.

    Enjoy Jim!

  2. Esteban says:

    I hope your pride didn’t break the roof when it went “kaboom” after the compliment. Those details can sure make your day.

  3. Tim Supples says:

    She’s a beauty alright. My first real ride in a turbocharged car…TURBO LAG??? 😀

  4. Noel says:

    I saw a solid black EVO today that was simply gorgeous! He was only on the road (101 East in NH) for one exit, but I was thinking of Jim and his silver one while I admired it.

    It was nice to see one without the shopping cart handle on the trunk. They are really one great looking automobile.

  5. Rich Weems says:

    That is nice. The compliment, I mean. The car’s ok, too. It’s few and far between when traffic allows good behavior instead of road rage.

    Hope your trip goes well.

  6. Lj says:

    yeah…your MR is awesome….of course your gsx was awesome as well……..but your MR makes me wish I had opted for silver sometimes : )

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