A Resource for Women

Personally I’d like to think that women should be able to find value in the automotive resources that everyone has access to and not need something “special” for them. 

The reality is that women are treated differently by repair shops and automobile dealerships and usually not to their advantage.

There is a web site called Ask Patty that is designed to help women understand more about their automotive options whether buying or servicing their car.

My impression is that the look and feel of the site is much like my little niece’s notebook from grade school.  Cluttered with bright stickers and feel good images it appears to me to be hard to navigate to the areas of real value.  But what do I know?  I am a guy who has been told for decades by women that I don’t understand them. 

So maybe this is what women need right now.  I hope that things will change and the future can be one where women shopping for cars and having them repaired are not treated as “poor little ignorant things” that are taken advantage of.

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2 Responses to A Resource for Women

  1. Krista says:

    thanks Jim…this one may not be perfect, but maybe it will spur competition and improve upon the idea.

  2. Tim Supples says:

    A while back I heard of a dealership who had a good female salesforce and set aside part of the dealership that was designed to make the experience more comfortable/enjoyable for women. It is definitely an under-capitalized market, but I must say that in the households where women make the purchasing decision – a rude salesman won’t stop them from making their own decision. What those households could use is this more appropriate approach to bring in that business.

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