Thomas B. Higham

Tom Higham happens to be probably my oldest friend.  I think we have known each other since we were four.  While I have rattled around in the corporate world he was faithful to his heart and became a renowned artist on Cape Cod.

I was searching on the web for some thing or other and came across this writeup on a show Tom had a couple of years ago
.  I found that I rated a comment on his experiences with my driving with “Road to the Bog 1987 “.

“This road could be anywhere on Cape Cod. Cordwood Road in Cotuit where? When I was a teen, my friend Jim Leonard would take me on terror rides on these roads, of which there were many in those days. His speedy driving still terrifies me.”

Tom and I get together when I take my yearly trek to the Cape.  Even though the ancient ways are gone there is always an opportunity for some spirited driving.

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4 Responses to Thomas B. Higham

  1. Howard says:

    Jim, Your “speedy” driving terrifies me as well!

  2. Judy says:

    I really enjoyed the article you refered to…I actually went to that show at Tree’s Place where all of the paintings were sold. The cranberry bog paintings were incredible and not like anything I had seen of Tom’s. We have been very lucky in the friends we have and the places we have grown up.

  3. Doug The Mechanic says:

    I stumbled across this one tonight while trolling for some of your other postings elsewhere. The thread is in regards to “The Tail of the Dragon” at Deal’s Gap in the mountains of NC and TN. which is a very nice road for “spirited drivers” like Jim and I. It’s got 318 turns in 11 miles.

    For those not wanting to click on the link, here’s the part I’m referring to:

    “My first run up there I did with Jim (JPLGSX) and I was leading the first half. But when Jim took the lead he just slowly pulled away til I could not see him anymore. It was a hell of an experience. I did eventually catch up but that was only because Jim ran into a rolling roadblock… A black SRT-4.

    There should be a novice group though. I have 2 years of AutoX under my belt which definitely helped but Jim still left me in the dust. I can only imagine what it will be like for South Florida folk whose only exposure to a curve is an on ramp.”

  4. Jonathan Leonard says:

    Great article on Tom Higham. Reminds me of Monhegan.


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