The Memory of a Dodge Omni

It was late in the summer of 1981 and I was down on the Cape enjoying some time off from work and cruising Osterville in my turbocharged Ford Fiesta.  I was living and working just outside of Boston then so it was not hard to get back to my old stomping grounds. 

I had stopped at the intersection of Pond Street and Main trying to decide if I should head north toward Route 28 or toward the village.  I looked to my right and saw coming the other way a Dodge Omni with a beautiful smile inside looking right at me.  It was Lee Remick.

I had seen her in several movies including Anatomy of a Murder, a favorite, and there she was in person, so to speak.

I knew that she had a place in the village and I was used to seeing celebrities from time to time as Osterville and its surrounds was a place many of them would visit or choose to live in.  I also knew that she was an insured of my father’s agency.

This was different.  Lee Remick had a smile and eyes that would melt an iceberg.  She looked at me with eyes that were delighted and bright.  Combined with a smile it is a memory that persists today.

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2 Responses to The Memory of a Dodge Omni

  1. Judy says:

    I remember encountering Lee Remick in the produce aisle of the Oville A&P one afternoon long ago. She was wearing a large , brightly colored scarf over that glorious hair, very little little makeup on her beautiful face…she smiled at me and said hello as if we were dear friends…I felt as if I were the important one…that was the magic of Lee Remick.

  2. kate minelian says:

    I just found your “memory of a dodge omni” and it was a delightful surprise on a sunday morning. such a beautiful description of my mom. she loved that little car and subsequently gave it to me to take to college when she was not on the cape. it was my first feeling of freedom!thanks so much for the lovely recollection and for taking the time to post it.

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