Today I received my invitation to purchase a bronze Indy 500 badge.  This is what gets you in the gate all test week and race day.  Not a good as a silver or gold, but those are only for sponsors.

Back in 2005 I got one so I could get in the track and over to the Rahal Letterman garage and get inside.  That was fun. 

Now I’ve got to think if I’ll be able to schedule any time in May to do it again.  Hmmm.

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3 Responses to Decision

  1. markitude says:


    Sounds like a no-brainer. What’s the medalion look like anyway? Maybe you have a pic you could update this post with?

  2. jimsgarage says:

    For some strange reason they don’t supply photos of the bronze badge 🙂

    The rules on it go like this:

    “Indy 500 Bronze Badge
    A bronze badge is available to the public for a cost of $100. This badge will get you in the gate all during May for free. It also gets you into the garage area. It is not valid on Race Day though. Contact the IMS Credential Office (317-484-6500), located in the Administration building at the corner of 16th and Georgetown. Credential distribution will begin April 12 for those who have made arrangements. ”

    “Want a Pit Pass?
    You cannot purchase a pit pass from the speedway.
    Pit passes are hard to come by. Generally you need a connection to a sponsor or team who can give you one. Companies rent out suites for a day or so and people invited to those suites are usually given a pit pass in exchange for their driver’s license, forcing them to return it at the end of the day.

    There is another way however. You can become a Lap Prize sponsor. You must pledge $500 for one of the laps. Whoever leads that lap, wins your money. Lap Prize Sponsors get: Name listed in race program, 2 gate admissions for practice and qualifying and 2 pit passes (no garage pass). Call (317) 492-6703 to order yours.

    Note: There is also a “Hot Pass”. This is for the race teams. Shortly before race time, IMS will kick everyone out of the pits unless they have a hot pass. ”

    So if I lived close to the track I could wander all about the grage area and take pictures and talk to folks with a bronze badge. But I could not get into the pit area. I can climb into the stands overlooking the pit area, but not get in the area without being a sponsor or paying $500 for a lap fee. Of course , if I was affiliated with one of the race teams I could go anywhere. Maybe if I can bump into David Letterman while I’m wandering around the garage area..hmmmm

  3. Noel says:

    But all the cars do is turn left. 😉

    Still, the closer you can get to the action the better. Makes it worth going if you can finagle one of the premium passes.

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