An Amazing Find

We have all heard the stories of finding a lost Ferrari in a barn out in the middle of a corn field.  They make for a great fantasy.

This one is real.  A guy in Portugal finds and buys a lovely farm house on a nice piece of land.  The place has been abandoned for 15 years.  While exploring the woods around the property he finds a large barn.  The padlock is frozen solid and he doesn’t have a key so he grinds it off, opens the doors, and discovers:


To see all the incredible photos go to the car barn.  Thanks Dan! 

Here are some other photos of the 180 car warehouse.

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6 Responses to An Amazing Find

  1. Dan Paquette says:

    Anytime… Enjoy your blog immensely.

    Dibs on the Mini Cooper!

  2. Judy says:

    Wow…even under all that grimy dust they shine like treasure…what a thrill to find such a cache! Thanks for sharing

  3. jimsgarage says:

    I searched the ‘net and found this tidbit:

    “I went to Babelfish and got a bad translation from the Portugese. It seems
    that the “collection” stems from likely the 1974 era, when Portugal shifted
    back from Fascism. Looking at the cars–and the speculations of the
    posters–it might have been ‘property” of connected people of the old
    regime, or other assets put into hiding by divorcing soccer stars,
    industrialists etc etc. Lots of *RARE* (like the 504 Peugeot
    Cabriolet–which is nothing like a Pug 504 sedan or wagon) and but only
    somewhat valuable cars. I didn’t notice any supercar/really exotic== no
    Lambo/ISO/Maserati or RR cars. One car had a “D” (Germany) sticker–might
    some have been stolen? Lots of significant sports cars-Lotus 7 (The Prisoner
    fame), Elan and Lancias, rare BMWs, and MB, Opal, Fiat, Skoda, and some
    North American cars, especially Pontiac, Chrysler, Oldsmobiles (like a
    4-4-2?) and the like. Mixed in were some pretty middle class and upper
    middle class type cars–Ford Taunus, Opal Record sedans, big Lancias, MB .
    Interesting (to me) were the *MG Magnette* and the *Lancia Appia* sedans!
    Why? because they were cars that no-one collected for various reasons, and
    are now almost unknown and non-existant, especially the Appia!! (I know one
    person who found one, and he knows just how rare they are)

    It is an odd, very odd, agglomeration of vehicles, but I would guestimate
    that the cars are worth millions, some just because they survived. One
    Lancia Flaminia alone was quoted at 67,000 Euros value.

    Jim Bartley on PEI”

  4. Elena says:


  5. noactive says:

    An Amazing Find .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

  6. brayden says:

    you lucky little FUCKER!!!!!!!

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