Peppers and Bio-diesel

I would not count myself as a radical tree hugger type.  Although I definitely care about the environment I don’t expect to be owning a Prius any time soon. 

Sunday a good friend of mine came in to town.  I don’t get to see him but maybe once a year because he is production manager for bands that tour for months and sometimes years at a time.  This time he came to town with Red Hot Chili Peppers. 


For me it is an important chance to catch up on what has transpired in both our lives since the last time.  We talk about mutual friends and family.  It also means I will act as roadie for a day and work at the venue.

This is a very big production.  So big it takes 14 semi-trailers to move all the equipment as well as a dozen tour buses to move the people.  This is in addition to the hundreds of local people that provide security and services for the venue as well as a local load crew.

What I was particularly impressed with was that they have switched to bio-diesel fuel for all the transports.  This is a huge change and is actually paying off for them.  In the last haul it has saved them nearly seven hundred dollars in fuel costs. 


Think what this might mean if Wal-Mart changed its fleet over to bio-diesel?  It there any way that bio-jet-A fuel could be cooked up?


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3 Responses to Peppers and Bio-diesel

  1. Tim Supples says:

    I’m in the same boat as you Jim. No Prius here!

    Biodiesel is a great proposition for fleet vehicles like that. Some of the buses at NCSU have been converted: you can tell which ones are because the others are spewing black soot everywhere.

  2. Altair says:

    Hi Jim,
    I’d like to use some post of your blog on my website… can I?
    This is the post:

    Do you have more info about this? Who is the production manager?
    Send me email please

  3. ace toscano says:


    I was wondering if I could use part of your rhcp photo as a background for the masthead of my music pages. It’s a great pic.

    It would be sort of like I did with my own photo on my pool pages.


    Ace Toscano

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