This is Scary

Today’s automobiles have some of the most complex and sophisticated networks upon which the lives of the driver and passengers depend. 

And now…


Talk about a blue screen of death!

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4 Responses to This is Scary

  1. markitude says:

    Priceless Jim!

    Just today, I made a right hand turn a wee faster than I should have on a damp road and the back end started to slide around but then abruptly halted it’s progress as I heard and felt the rear brakes working one wheel or the other without my ever touching the pedal. I looked down and the driver information display to see “active handling” print out followed immediately by “traction control”. I patted the dash, and smiled at how well technology works.

    With more and more components lending over to drive by wire technology, indeed a computer crash could mean more than just a need to reboot.

  2. Jim says:

    In 1976 Motorola developed the first engine control module for Ford Motor co.

  3. Esteban says:

    Picture this: Driving 65MPH down the highway… on the display you read “the driver for device ‘brakes’ is unsigned, please connect your car to the internet upon arrival for updates, the device will be disabled”.

    Thank you very much, but no thanks, give me my old carburetor!

  4. Tim Supples says:

    It is my idea that everyone should have to learn to drive on a stick and take emergency driving courses to learn how their car reacts in emergency situations (understeer, oversteer, rain, etc).

    Of course, basic driving competency would be nice too. Too much to ask?

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