Grose Jet – revisited

I’ve been informed that Ansell Grose is still with us and Grose Jets are still being manufactured in Stoneham, MA.  The number to contact him at is 781-438-1789. 

Russ G. Hull wrote us with: “Admittedly, it’s still difficult to reach Mr. Grose by telephone,  but appear in person at his modest residence during most any weekday,  and if you see a large red pickup truck in the driveway,  Mr. Grose will generally be there to greet you.”

Russ has a MOPAR site –

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2 Responses to Grose Jet – revisited

  1. Dan says:

    Hi, there.

    I went to what you’ve linked here as Russ’ website (, went to the “contacts” page, sent e-mail to them, and got a puzzled “Huh? Donno who Russ is” in response. Have you, by chance, got Russ’ present contact info?

    Thanks, DS (been trying to track down some Grose-Jets for my 4 Mopars for nine months or so, without success…)

  2. Dan says:


    moparts is not Russ’ website, Russ is just a member of Moparts. I was able to track him down via the website.


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