The Salt Flats

A few years back I picked up a Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX.  I spent a half a dozen years working to improve what was a fantastically fun car to the point that I had to bring it to a real road racing track and find out what it (and I) could do.  I liked it so much I participated in four two-day events that year.

Mitsubishi had a partnership with Chrysler Corporation and along with the Eclipse there was a practically identical car manufactured as the Eagle Talon.  The partnership was called Diamond Star Motors and so the cars produced were known as DSMs. 

A good friend of mine still has his Eagle Talon and it became known as the “Mile High Talon” because of the altitude of the Colorado area where he lived and drove.  He now has over 280,000 miles on the car.  Now by this time in a cars life many people would see about getting the most out of it and putting it up for sale.  Others would  pass it on to a child or relative to use as transportation.  Not this guy.  No, he has turned it into a salt flats competition car and is about to join the 150 mph club.

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