Diesel – Bonneville Record Holder

We saw it LeMans this year and now the Bonneville salt flats.  A British experimental car using two JCB444 engines that normally would put out 150 hp apiece, were modified to produce 750 hp each. 

The result was a world land speed record that broke the old one by nearly 100 mph.  Since 1973 the record was 235 mph, but as of August 23 of this year it is now 328.767 mph.

The Dieselmax was driven by Andy Green, who gained fame as the driver of the first car to ever exceed the speed of sound.

This is another example of diesel power showing that it is not just for large tractors or trucks.  Diesel powered cars are going to be known more and more as performance cars that provide exceptional mileage.

This year a far cleaner diesel fuel is starting to be distributed in the US.  You will recognise it by the new green labels that will adorn the pumps.  It is and Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel fuel (ULSD) that contains no more than 15 parts per million of sulfur.  Typical fuels used prior to this contained up to 500 parts per million or more.

This new diesel fuel will be required for all highway diesel vehicles from 2007 and on. 

You next super car may be a turbo diesel that not only out accelerates a gasoline fueled sports car, but is 30% more efficient, too.

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1 Response to Diesel – Bonneville Record Holder

  1. mark says:

    I think your prediction is a fair one. Looking at the HP trends in “light” truck applications as a harbinger, I note the 2006 chevy with the GM/Isuzu partnership developed Duramax 6.6L turbo intercooled V8 is up 60Hp to 360HP. I don’t have the torque figures at my fingertips, but I’ll bet it is upwards of 550 ft/lbs. What’s amazing, is this is the factory power setting, with durability and full warranty in mind. A chip, exhaust, and air intake mods will easily boost this, and further work including bigger turbo, injectors, and intercooler and power can approach 1000Hp. There are earlier versions of this running in california that are turning faster 1/4 mi times in a pickup than my Z06 Corvette. I wonder how long before someone transplants the duramax into a car? I’ll bet someone, somewhere already has. Anybody have a link?

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