A Return

It took thirteen hours to return home.  It helped to leave at four in the morning.  In the darkness as I cruised along the mid-Cape I left the windows open so that I could inhale the air that carried the identity of the Cape.  It was hard to leave this place again as I have done for so many years.

Two weeks prior I didn’t care that the weather wasn’t as beautiful as it can be this time of year.  I was happy to not have to concern myself with the demands of work and to be where my heart will always be connected. 

I spent time visiting many old friends and making more than a few new ones.  Time with relatives was especially important to me as I had lost three in the past twelve months.  My nephew held a clam bake at his house and both my sisters, my niece and her girls, my cousin and his family, as well as two aunts were able to help us all enjoy the event.  There were other good friends that came to the party, including a young Russian girl who spent the summer working on the Cape and renting a room from my sister.


 There were other dinners and other visits.  Being sure to get to many of my favorite spots and favorite people.  The Kirk’s had fourteen people at their cottage and we enjoyed a lobster fest there.


Of course I had to spend some time on the water.  Sometimes it was on a sail boat and sometimes it was on a fishing boat, but there is nothing like being held in the hands of the ocean.  It was fortunate that the weather turned picture perfect and allowed a picnic on Sampson’s Island.


 Before I could leave I had to make my traditional stop at Bill Putman’s car collection.  Bill has over 40 cars, all red, that span many of the most interesting makes of the sports car era.  After letting me explore his cars under the watchful eyes of his cats (28 at last count) he graciously offered to give me a ride in his Lotus Elise.  The Elise is the lightest and latest of the Lotus genealogy.  Light and nimble, just as Colin Chapman would have liked.


These are just a few of the adventures that I enjoyed.  It was fitting that there was a final sunset to let me know that the two weeks had been consumed and it was time to head back.


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