Car Movies – an addendum

The Internet has provided some interesting car videos that are worth a mention.  A few years ago there was a short film by Claude Lelouch C’était un rendez-vous – 1976, which consists of squealing tires and the sweet song of an engine as your view is that from the headlights as the car transverses Paris CBD in eight minutes. 

In the past couple of years the Internet has brought Getaway in Stockholm.  There are at least six versions of this thrill ride.  Unsanctioned, these videos started with a Porsche baiting some Stockholm cops driving a Volvo and getting the chase started.  The next year it was two cars dicing through the city at dawn.  The third year they had a Helicopter doing chase video.

A lot of folks have read through my list of top car movies and not many comments.  I cannot believe that people don’t have strong opinions here.  Comments won’t hurt my feelings. 

I am surprised that no one mentioned Two Lane Blacktop.  This is a definite classic filmed in an Easy Rider seventies style that worked very well.  No names of characters other than, the Mechanic (Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys), the Driver (James Taylor), the Girl (Laurie Bird), and GTO (the legendary Warren Oats). 

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