Bill Putman’s Garage

Cape Cod has some interesting places for those of us infatuated with the automobile.  Heritage Plantation in Sandwich is a great spot for some fantastic antique cars such as the Duesemburg and the Cord.  All of them are displayed in a round shaker barn designed and built for the purpose. 

But there is another garage museum that should not be missed.  It is on the border of Hyannis and Hyannisport at a place called Toad Hall, after the famous story, Wind in the Willows.  It is part of a bed and breakfast called the Simmons Homestead Inn .

But the real gem is the car museum that the owner, Bill Putman, has put together.  Bill raced Datsuns (now known as Nissan) in the early seventies.  He had quite a good time in C production and never lost his love of sports cars.

He started collecting favorites and now has over forty of them.  They range from Japanese to British makes.  Lotus has a prominent spot in his garage.  If you’ve ever had contact with a British sports car in your life you will likely find an example in Bill’s collection.

Ferrari, of course, and Porsche, and BMW, and Audi, all have a spot in the museum.  Its not hard to find and if you drop by in the evening Bill might be talked into sampling some of his collection of single malt scotch collection (hundreds!).

Oh, yes, and the cars are all painted red!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very nice site! I wish I could write as well as you do… Jenny R.

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