Jim’s Garage

Welcome to Jim’s Garage.

This is mainly about cars, but not just cars.  It is also about life.  That’s because, since the beginning of the twentieth century, our lives have become more and more intertwined with the automobile. 

I grew up in a small village in New England where the roads were cut from original hunting trails of the natives and colonists.  That meant that they had a lot of elevation changes, tight corners, and off camber turns.  What a great place to learn to drive. 

Additionally there were dirt roads that were known as “ancient ways”.  These were some of the greatest roads for rally training you could ever have found.  I thrilled and scared the poop out of many a passenger on these roads.  I also learned a lot about driving and myself on these roads.  Most of the ancient ways are gone or have grown over so I count myself lucky to have had the experience.  

I am as passionate about taking care of as well as modifying cars.  Take care of your car and you will earn dividends in the form of reliability and pleasure.  Modify it the right way and you will enjoy driving like you never have before.  Do it wrong and you will feel like a prisoner in a torture chamber.

So that is the introduction.  More to come.  Visit often.  Jim Leonard

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2 Responses to Jim’s Garage

  1. edj says:

    cool jim

  2. Jack says:

    Hi Jim,

    It’s Saturday morning here and the kids are milling around hollering. I checked out your blog. Pretty cool stuff—I’ll keep checking back. I’m still looking forward to that ride in your Mitsubishi. (Only wish I was 50 lbs. lighter so I don’t introduce too much drag).

    It seems you have a hobby that will keep you entertained as long as you can still shift, push pedals and hold onto the steering wheel.

    Talk soon,

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